#114 | Rain Rain, You Can Stay, We’ll Look Awesome Anyway

So when I was growing up, I was taught that April Showers Bring May Flowers. Apparently, Mother Nature missed the memo this year. In April, we had a drought in CT and my plants (which had bloomed early due to temperatures 45 degrees above average in March) began to die. Now in May, when the weather should be beautiful, it looks like this:

OK. Yes. I am being a tad bit dramatic. But my pants are soaked half way up my calf right now and it’s making me cranky. So, that’s the situation.

Now it’s generally annoying whenever it rains. Rain turns my hair into a frizzy mess and generally just makes me want to curl up in bed and watch movies. So what do you do when it rains on your wedding day?

I got married in Connecticut on July 4th of last year. While rainy days are few and far between here in July, fast moving, afternoon/evening thunderstorms are an almost certainty. Once we were a week and a half from my wedding day, and July 4th finally showed up in the 10 day forecast, I made it my obsession to check the reports multiple times a day. Every time I checked, it was the same story. Severe t-storms 4pm – 7pm. (My wedding was at 5:30pm, outside on a beach.) What to do?! Hope it missed us. That’s all I could do.

Well, lucky for me, I woke up on July 4th and for the first time in 10 days, the weather report showed no signs of t-storms and we got an amazingly beautiful day on the water.

But whether it’s your wedding day, or just a Wednesday, weather is just one of those things you can’t control. So to show this rain who’s boss, here are some beautiful brides (and handsome grooms) who took less than stellar conditions from dear old Mother Nature, and made the BEST of them!

Image via FlashFlavor

Image via Iwan Photography

Image via M2 Photography as seen on Rustic Wedding Chic

Image via Thorson Photography

Image via Kgoodphoto as seen on Bow Ties and Bliss

Geez, now I kinda wish it did rain on my wedding day.

Did it rain on your day? Do you want to share rainy day photos with us? Send em over!

Ps. The Bachelorette starts on Monday and I’m not at all embarrassed to admit how EXCITED I am!! I love Emily and I hope she kept ABC in line and didn’t let them get their usual shade of ridiculous. Unfortunately, the arrival of a helicopter on NIGHT ONE has me a little worried that they may have found a new shade of ridiculous SO RIDICULOUS that Emily was blinded by the ridiculosity (<~ Trademark that. I think we’ll be using it a lot this season).

So here’s your Wednesday poll question. Who the EFF is in that heli? I swear to baby Jesus I will stop watching if it’s Bentley. (OK we all know I won’t. But I’ll write a really strongly worded blog post about it.)