#111 | Wedding Food & a Shake Update

Oh hey there!

You guys, I was so excited to get such an awesome response to my post on Friday about drinking my shakes and getting healthier. Here on the blog, by email, and on Twitter, people wanted to hear more. So below, I provided a step by step picture tutorial for the shake I made this morning.

But, before we get there, there’s another thing I want to discuss: weddings. This is a wedding blog after all :)

If you read my post on Friday, you know that last week I basically jumped on the vegan wagon. I didn’t realize I was doing it at first, but I feel so amazing, I’ve decided to make it a legit thing. I did my research, bought my vegan one-a-day veggies to get the few things I’ll be missing (mostly B12) by not eating meat and dairy, and I’m off to the races. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m also gluten intolerant (really slimming out my food choices).

My friends are all a buzz about how I manage to eat…if I’m basically starving all day…if I’ll ever be able to go out to eat with them again…and the like. I’ve assured them, I’m totally fine. I ate out on Friday. I ordered a salad, minus the meat, cheese, and croutons. The waitress looked at me for a second and then asked if I was vegan. I replied, “trying!” and she said, “me too!!” We chatted for a second about alternatives on the menu (there were none), we had some laughs, and she recommended some great books for me to read. I was feeling SO AWESOME about my decision.

(Disclaimer: I’m not going vegan because I feel like it’s morally wrong to eat animals and I’m not going to throw red paint on anyone who eats or wears them. I’m adopting a vegan diet because I feel it’s healthier and will significantly decrease the odds of me getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. when I’m older. I don’t judge those who eat meat. I love meat. I just really wanna live a long, healthy, fit life, and this is how I’ve chosen to do that.)

Back to our regularly scheduled blog post already in progress: At this point, I remembered that we have like eight weddings this summer. The first starts in a week and a half. I’ve already sent back the response card, selecting a steak I’m sure. A wedding is not a restaurant. I can’t just order a salad without any meat. And this is a plated dinner, so I can’t just pick and choose the stuff I want. This is an actual problem.

So on Saturday I called the groom and asked him if they had given final head count and meal selections to the venue yet. He said no. I asked if he knew what the vegetarian option was, he said it’s pasta.

DOH! Stupid gluten.

I never even thought about this stuff when I was planning my wedding. We did stations, and I’m pretty sure there was enough of a variety to get everyone taken care of. There was a grilled veggies station, a meat station, a pasta station, a salad station, a starch station, and then the biggest venetian table I’ve ever seen with everything from fresh fruit to cheese cake and shots of chocolate liquor.

But that was just what happened to come with my package. I didn’t even think about people with different food needs. As if there isn’t already enough going on, is this another thing that brides (and grooms) need to be thinking about when planning their weddings? I wanted to know what you think. Are you a bride planning your wedding? Do you have healthy, vegetarian/vegan options available? They don’t need to be as elaborate as this:

blog.koyalwholesale.com via Pinterest

Although come on, how awesome does that veggie table look? But are you making changes to your menu in any way to account for allergies or different diets? Did you choose foods based on your dietary needs? Or what you think would accommodate most of your guests? Are you using a caterer/venue that specializes in local/organic food? I’m just so curious :)

And now………… to the shakes. As I mentioned up top, this is the shake I made this morning. I’m currently drinking one as I type this!


Spinach (organic from Costco)

Carrots (organic bulk from Costco)



Apples (organic from Trader Joes)


Flax Seed


Mixed berries

Orange Juice (organic from Costco by the gallon)

Pulsed slightly (greenish brown at first)

Fully blended

Now the final color will depend greatly on the ingredients. Erik’s looks like this:

Erik's shake

And Erik’s is much thinner than mine because he adds more liquid. Specifically, more water.

That looks so gross to me I can’t touch it. So I add more berries and less water so mine looks yummmmerific.

Yummmmmm :)

Extra exciting: I’m down another pound. YAY :)

So share in the comments. Answer any of the question I asked above about wedding food. Let me know what you’re doing to get healthier. Do you have suggestions for me?