#115 | First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

In two months, Erik and I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. Time really flies!

I am having the hardest time trying to come up with gift ideas though, so I went to my good friend Google. One of the first results was for an About.com article, titled Traditional First Year Anniversary Gifts – Paper. About.com is usually decent, so I figured I would check it out. This is legit the list of ten gift ideas:

  1. Photographs and Picture Frames
  2. Books
  3. Board Games and Puzzles
  4. Stationery
  5. Tickets
  6. Paintings
  7. Coupons
  8. Love Letters
  9. Posters and Art Prints
  10. Calendars

It’s bad enough I feel like we’re an old married couple on a daily basis, but this article is suggesting I give Erik board games and paintings for our one year anniversary?! He’s 29! Not 92! Ugh!

I need help you guys! What are some great gift ideas for a first anniversary?

We can’t take a trip because we are going on a week long vacation two weeks later. Oh and he’s an IT professional so he has every gadget he could ever possibly need. I thought about getting him a watch because he doesn’t have one, but when I asked him randomly if he liked a watch in a magazine the other day, he made a face and said, “ugh I hate watches.”

Help :(