#113 | Frugal Friday Wedding Album Groupon!

Thank Grey It’s Friday. That’s what the G is for right? Christian Grey? Mmmm if it’s not, it should be.

I’m coming out today. I’m admitting that I am whole-heartedly in love with Christian Grey. When I finished reading a few weeks ago, I convinced all my girl friends to go read the 50 Shades books. Now they text me morning, noon, and night with messages like: “OMGGGGG!!!” “Shut UP! I can’t breathe!” and “I refuse to sleep.” All of this is making me want to read all over again. If you share my affliction, which we shall call Grey Syndrome, please share in the comments so I feel a little less alone.

This week I came across a Groupon for a Keepsake Book from Photobook America. I see lots of Groupons and LivingSocial deals for photobooks so I don’t really think much of them. They are all the same. I made a free one with a Shutterfly code after my wedding and that will be fine. OR WILL IT.

I opened the Groupon and clicked through to Photobook America and saw their Pro Series photo books. You guys, they are AMAZING. I bought the Groupon and I’m gonna spend a little while making my wedding album (I have til November to use it), but I just wanted to share it with you because I think that these books look incredible for the price! If you got an album as part of your photography package, consider this deal for a parents album or just a second to keep around the house.

The Groupon allows you to spend up to $115 at Photobook America for just $35. Pro Series books start at $300, so the Groupon would give you $115 off. Or they are currently running a 40% off special on all photobooks. Do the math and see what makes more sense on your order. (We had a Groupon credit so we didn’t have to pay the $35.) The base price includes 80 pages, but you can pay for additional pages up to 300. Check out some pictures below and let me know if you snag this deal before it’s gone!! Have a lovely weekend!!

PUR Perfect Bound with reinforced spine backing

Professionally handcrafted, these beautiful presentation boxes are matched with your book’s cover for both an exquisite look and perfect fit.

Choose from 216 gsm Premium Silk or 170 gsm Matte Textured (shown) pages

Available in four sizes: XL Landscape – 17.5” x 12”; Landscape – 16” x 12”; Portrait – 12” x 14”; Square – 12” x 12”

Blind title stamping gives your book that added dash of personality and style

Photo credit: All photos in this blog post are from PhotobookAmerica.com.