#113 | Frugal Friday Wedding Album Groupon!

Thank Grey It’s Friday. That’s what the G is for right? Christian Grey? Mmmm if it’s not, it should be.

I’m coming out today. I’m admitting that I am whole-heartedly in love with Christian Grey. When I finished reading a few weeks ago, I convinced all my girl friends to go read the 50 Shades books. Now they text me morning, noon, and night with messages like: “OMGGGGG!!!” “Shut UP! I can’t breathe!” and “I refuse to sleep.” All of this is making me want to read all over again. If you share my affliction, which we shall call Grey Syndrome, please share in the comments so I feel a little less alone.

This week I came across a Groupon for a Keepsake Book from Photobook America. I see lots of Groupons and LivingSocial deals for photobooks so I don’t really think much of them. They are all the same. I made a free one with a Shutterfly code after my wedding and that will be fine. OR WILL IT.

I opened the Groupon and clicked through to Photobook America and saw their Pro Series photo books. You guys, they are AMAZING. I bought the Groupon and I’m gonna spend a little while making my wedding album (I have til November to use it), but I just wanted to share it with you because I think that these books look incredible for the price! If you got an album as part of your photography package, consider this deal for a parents album or just a second to keep around the house.

The Groupon allows you to spend up to $115 at Photobook America for just $35. Pro Series books start at $300, so the Groupon would give you $115 off. Or they are currently running a 40% off special on all photobooks. Do the math and see what makes more sense on your order. (We had a Groupon credit so we didn’t have to pay the $35.) The base price includes 80 pages, but you can pay for additional pages up to 300. Check out some pictures below and let me know if you snag this deal before it’s gone!! Have a lovely weekend!!

PUR Perfect Bound with reinforced spine backing

Professionally handcrafted, these beautiful presentation boxes are matched with your book’s cover for both an exquisite look and perfect fit.

Choose from 216 gsm Premium Silk or 170 gsm Matte Textured (shown) pages

Available in four sizes: XL Landscape – 17.5” x 12”; Landscape – 16” x 12”; Portrait – 12” x 14”; Square – 12” x 12”

Blind title stamping gives your book that added dash of personality and style

Photo credit: All photos in this blog post are from PhotobookAmerica.com.


#104 | Frugal Friday Deal for the Men

TGIF! Anyone remember TGIF programming of the 90s? Family Matters and Step By Step?! Haha those were the days!

I am so easily distracted.

Today’s deal comes to us via Men’s Wearhouse and it’s a doozy. This deal is perfect if you are still looking to dress the bridal party (or just have a man in your life who needs to spruce up the professional section of his wardrobe!)

MW has suit separates on sale, with suit coats starting at $29.99. That is not a typo. Plus, you can ship to store to avoid paying shipping.

That is a Jones New York suit coat for $29.99 (regularly $349.99). That’s more than 90% off! And I saw vests as low as $10.49!

Click here to see all the clearance items. Happy shopping!

#101 | Frugal Friday Bridesmaid Gift Edition

HOLLERRRRR!!!!!!! It’s Friday! Yay!!!!!!!! It’s also “office holiday party day,” which I believe means I’ll be leaving early. (Shh don’t tell) Before I take off though, I wanted to share a little Frugal Friday love with you.

First off, there are a lot of really frugal things happening right now. I love Christmas! Tons of sites are offering free shipping for the holidays, so if you are the “I shop online because the idea of finding a parking spot at the mall, then dealing with people inside the mall makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out with hot fire pokers” type like me, make sure you do a solid Google search for coupon codes. There are tonsssssss!

Today we are robe shopping! What is cuter than a bride and her girls getting ready in their robes?

If it pleases the court, I would like to have the following three images submitted as evidence:

Exhibit A via Tickled Sew Pink

Exhibit B via The Mauritz Family Blog

Exhibit C via Style Me Pretty

I rest my case.

Now if you’ve shopped around a bit, you know that these robes in “wedding stores” can cost a pretty penny, and sometimes the quality isn’t that great. So I found a bargain that won’t break the bank, and will look and feel great!

Kohls Croft & Barrow plush robe is regularly $50 (which doesn’t mean much at Kohls as we all know). It is on sale for $24.99. Kohls is offering a 20% holiday code (SECRETSANTA), which brings the cost to $19.99. PLUS, Kohls has a holiday free shipping offer (XMASFREE), which can be stacked with the 20% off code!!

The robe comes in more than 10 colors and patters, so you’re sure to find something in your colors, and there is white for the bride! This thing looks so comfy, you and your maids will be wearing it longgg after the wedding day. Happy shopping! And have a great weekend!


#95 | Frugal Friday Deal on Vintage Stamps

I’ve been a bit MIA on the blog and Twitter this week, and my deepest apologies for that. We’ve had a bit of a rough week in the Sparkly Household. It started with an illness on my part and ended with a close friend (and member of our bridal party) losing his mom. It’s been draining, and the coming services will only increase that. So please forgive my absence (and thanks to those of you who have sent messages of support!)

On to less depressing topics, I got an awesome e-mail in my inbox just now with a deal to good to keep to myself. The e-mail was from DressRush.com and here’s what it said:

Adorn your save the dates, invitations, or thank you cards with vintage postage stamps from The Paper Nickel Stamp Company for 50% off for three days only! These valid vintage stamps add a touch of personalization and character to everything you send out and are truly one of a kind. Collect them, gift them, mail them… but whatever you do make sure to grab them now because this limited quantity deal won’t last long. 

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out their other sales, including:

  • 40% off Peacock Invitation Suite (Set of 100)
  • 50% off Pink Floral Escort Placecards (Set of 50)
  • 20% off Gray & White Table Number Cards (Set of 5)

Enjoy your weekend (oh and call your mom and tell her you love her!)


#93 | Quick Frugal Friday Post

TGIF! I’ve got a wedding this weekend and I’m finishing up a writing test for a job I’m applying for. Thanks to these things, I don’t have a ton of time today, but I did want to share a deal with you, it is Friday after all.

So here it is:

Target Stores [Weekly Ad] have 4″x6″ Photo Prints for $0.10 each.

Purchase 20 for $2 – $2 coupon = Free (via SlickDeals)

  1. Click here
  2. Clip and print $2 off coupon with purchase of 20 4×6 Photo Prints
  3. Bring coupon to your local Target store [Store Locator] and purchase 20 4×6 Photo Prints

Quick, painless, free photos.

Who doesn’t love it?!

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

#90 | Frugal Friday—Do You Find Inspiration in Magazines?

It’s FRIDAY! And you know what’s even better than that? It’s my birthday tomorrow!! WOOHOO! Two of my best friends and my sister are coming to take me out to dinner tonight and I couldn’t possibly be more excited to see them!

I sign up to get e-mails from lots of stores, because I LOVE DEALS. I have one e-mail that is specifically for them! (It wasn’t originally for deals, but it got so overrun by them it was getting hard to find all the important stuff, so I left it as my “deals box” and moved on!) I got a deal e-mail today that I’m definitely gonna jump on, so I wanted to share it with you.

It’s the Amazon $5 magazine sale! YAY! I often find lots of wedding inspiration in NON wedding magazines. I love to scour design mags, home & garden mags, and travel mags for style ideas! If you’re like me, you may want to jump on this sale. $5 is what I usually pay for 1 issue at the supermarket! Lots of these include “auto renew.” BEWARE the auto-renew. You’ll pay $5 for the first year and like $60 for the second. They won’t send you messages, so if you’re the forgetful type, do what I do: When you receive your first issue, set a calendar reminder 10-11 months out to login to your Amazon Magazine Subscriber Manager and cancel before it auto renews!

Some of the options this time include:

You could seriously subscribe to all of those for $35.


There are more too, so go check em out!!

#86 | Frugal Friday Has a Great Deal on Ties!

It’s Fridayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone had a great week, but if you didn’t, who cares, IT’S ALMOST OVER!! YAY :)

Ok, Janna, let’s rein it in. Focusss.

So when I was planning my wedding, one of the things that surprised me was how much there was to do. I felt like every time I turned around, there was something else. One thing I let slide for a longggg time was groomsmen gifts. I didn’t feel like there were a lot of good options that didn’t cost a ton. We ended up getting these personalized koozies from Willow Tree Home. I had never heard of the site before finding the koozies there, but I was amazed at the customer service. It was excellent! I definitely recommend the site.

Ahh I’m getting off topic again. Geez I’m losing it today.

If you are like me and you are procrastinating on groomsmen gifts, I’ve found a very frugal option for you that can do double duty: TIES!!

Pick a color that matches your wedding colors. The boys can wear them to the wedding, and then keep them after!

Right now at Men’s Wearhouse, they are buy one get TWO free!! That means three ties for $19.99. Tell me a better gift you can get for less than $7 per groomsmen!? They make great birthday and Christmas presents too, so stock up! To get the deal, add at least 3 ties to your cart and add the promo SEPTIE. For a limited time, there is also free shipping on every order!

Happy shopping lovelies, and have a great weekend!

#81 | Frugal Friday Brought a Date Today, Her Name is Christina

Hola beautiful readers!

It’s so freaking cold in the Northeast today. Total SWEATER WEATHER! Ahhh! As excited as I am, I’m staging a mini protest by wearing a t-shirt and flip flops. I’m freezing my petunias off. But that’s OK. I just need to hold onto summer for another minute and I’ll be ready to let it go.

It’s Friday, and we love to be frugal, so let’s deal it up! Shall we?

Today’s deal comes to us from Michael’s, where we just passed the half-way point of Stamp-ember. You read that correctly, STAMP-EMBER (how clever!) Each week in September, Michael’s is presenting video stamping tips, project ideas, and stampy (stamporific? stamptastic? ugh is the week over yet?) inspiration!

The stamp of the week is the HYDRANGEA stamp! My wedding flowers were hydrangeas!!! Ah I should have stamped this loverly stamp all over everything!

Wanna get the extra hook up? Huh? Huh? Do ya? Well, do I have the coupon for YOU. CLICK HERE <~ That is a link to a coupon. The coupon is for 20% off your whole purchase, including sale items, like the stamp of the week! The catch? The coupon is only good TODAY and only for 6 hours!!! Noon-6pm. If you are a collector of Michael’s coupons (like I am) you may know that a 20% off your entire purchase isn’t the most common coupon out there. To have one that INCLUDES sale items? This is the white whale of Michael’s coupons. I dunno about you, but I know where my booty is gonna run as soon as this workday is over!

If you actually read the title of this post, which you may not have, you noticed that the always sassy Frugal Friday has a lady friend on the blog today. Her name is Christina Perri and I am obsesssssedddddd with her new song “Arms.” I loved her song “Jar of Hearts” too, in the, “did you climb inside my brain when I was 19 and steal material for this song?” kind of way. But this song, I just adorrrreeeee. I mean, come on, “you put your arms around me and I’m home” ?!?! Yes, yes please. Let me know if you are overusing the replay button like I am on this one! And have a fantabulous weekend lovelies!

#75 | Frugal Friday + Woohoo Long Weekend!

It’s been a tough week for me, and I thank you guys so much for your support here on the blog and on Twitter. You guys really know how to make a girl smile! In my current situation and in the current market, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a job because it wasn’t my perfect dream job, I was just admitting that it makes me a little sad that I may have to do that to survive right now. But, as Matt from DMOFilms so kindly pointed out, it just gives me more time to blog! YAY :)

I’ve always been a fan of being frugal, but the threat of impending unemployment has me more focused than ever, so I see many more of these posts coming up (Money Saving Mondays? Wallet Watching Wednesdays? Thrifty Thursdays?). I am using today’s deal for post wedding purchases, but I’m sure there are plenty of ways to use it during your wedding planning too, maybe to make DIY lollypop favors like the ones I saw on bridesmaid.com.

Today’s frugal find is 50 free 4×6 prints, shipped for 99 cents from Winkflash!

  1. Click here
  2. Order prints
  3. Enter code 50FREE at checkout

That’s all there is to it folks. Super easy right!?

I for one am incredibly glad it’s the weekend, and that it’s a long one. I hope you all enjoy it, and we’ll see you back here next week :)

UPDATE: As if Michaels read my Frugal Friday mind, right after I posted this I got coupons in my inbox. Including one of my fav coupons, 50% one item :) So click here to get the coupons for this week and make sure you join their mailing list. They e-mail coupons every week!!

Ps. If you need more than one item at 50% off, drag your fiance or clan of bridesmaids with you! Print extra coupons and have them pick up items for 50% off too!

#53 Frugal Friday | You Don’t Like It In Your Bathing Suit But Love It In Your Wedding Decor…

…what is it? SAND!!! If you’re like me and planning a beach wedding, you probably have need for sand. I’m using it in a couple places on my big day. One of the three vases in my centerpieces will have sand and the box that will hold my place cards will have sand. You can buy sand at most craft stores and it’s usually about the same price. IKEA has it for $1.99 for a 2lb bag. I heard $1.99 and thought WOW, good deal! But then I realized I needed a bunch and thought… hmm this is kind of expensive. I wonder if there’s a cheaper alternative that might get the job done just as well.

Guess what, there is!

I was at Home Depot last weekend looking for some plants to replace the ones I planted in April that are already dead (I suck at watering) when I came across this:

That, my dear friends, is premium play sand! I’m not sure what makes it premium, but I’ll tell you why I bought it. This is a 50lb* bag of sand (25 times larger than the bag at IKEA). Guess what it costs. Go ahead, guess. I’ll wait. {Elevator music} Ok enough jazz saxophone. This 50lb bag of sand costs $2.98… two mother-flipping dollars and ninety-eight cents* for 50lb of sand. Now this sand is play sand, so it cannot be used for that sand ceremony thing. But for centerpieces and the like, umm hello it does the trick.

Are you obsessed with bargain hunting like me? Share your frugal finds in the comments!!

*Online it is listed as 40lb for $3.98. I purchased in store 50lb for $2.98.