#112 | Wedding Wednesday: Plant Favors + More Proof I’m the Queen of Procrastination

You guys, it has been amazingly warm in the Northeast. It’s supposed to be 80 tomorrow. In Connecticut. IN MARCH. If you don’t live here, you probably don’t get it, but trust me, it’s insane. It’s making me want to do all kinds of things, like run out of the office and drive over to the beach with my pup so we can play in the sand and get tans (well I’ll get a tan, he’s already chocolatey brown). Instead I’ll probably just hang out in this cubicle all day and day-dream about wedding favors (which we’ll hear more about soon).

First, I wanted to tell you guys something. I finally went to Social Security and applied for my name change!!! Yes, it took me 8 & 1/2 months. The only place I ever changed my name was Facebook. People would call me and leave voice mails letting me know my maiden name was still on my VM message, my mom told me to order new checks with my new name, and everyone asked when I would change my GMail account. I didn’t know how to tell them… I still hadn’t changed it. We all know I’m a huge procrastinator. I’m sure you remember when I told you how long it took me to just pick my wedding dress up off the floor! (It still hasn’t been cleaned. Don’t be mad at me, I’m making progress.) That’s truly all this was. I told everyone that I was taking Erik’s name and I fully intended to. But then I saw the process and just freaked out. Turns out that doesn’t fix anything.

So after going to Social Security (they allow you to apply by mail but you have to provide the original copies of your documents, including your drivers license, so uhh, yeah, I went in person to avoid the whole: getting arrested for driving without a license thing) I’m not sure what I was so afraid of. I took a half day on Friday and headed straight to the SS office. Mine is open Mon-Fri, 9:00am – 3:30pm (wicked convenient hours amiright?!?) I kid you not when I tell you I was in there for five minutes total. I took a number, sat down, they called my number about 1 minute later. Asked me my social. Asked to see my marriage license. Asked to see my driver’s license. Confirmed my new name. Sent me on my merry way. In BRIDGEPORT, CT. (Bridgeport is a city… a very poor city… with a lot of occupants… the speed of this trip amazed me.) So now I’m on a new level of excited. I can’t wait for my new social security card to come in the mail so I can go to the DMV (which is also in Bridgeport but no where NEAR as easy as the SS office. It’s like a whole new dimension of hell.) After I get my snazzy new license, I can start changing my name everywhere. I think I also have to change my passport…. which I just renewed for our honeymoon… awesome. Double paying. Oh well.

Ok enough dwelling on the fact that it takes me 12 times longer than normal people to do anything! Let’s get back to those wedding favors.

We’ve all seen lots of plant favors around lately, correct? You know, like these:

  1. Succulents — Photo by Mary Swenson  via Project Wedding Blog
  2. Moss — Martha Stewart Wedding Blog
  3. Custom Seed Bags — Wedzu
  4. Plant-able Seed Hearts — recycledideas on Etsy
  5. Topiaries — Wedding Favors Unlimited
  6. Herbs — Brides
  7. Sunflowers — TheKnot

I think plant favors are super cute. Especially when you can replant them at home (If you have a green thumb).

This week I found my new favorite plant for favors: air plants. I think these are the coolest little things ever. There is so much you can do with them because they don’t need soil! Check out some of the options I found:

Wall Terrarium (Click for DIY Instructions from Ruffled)

Follow dani marie's links to DIY these corked air plants, or click her source link to buy them pre-made from Etsy.

Having a beach wedding? Look at this cool take on airplants. Easily DIY'd or purchased from this vendor on Amazon.

I’m sure you guys have a ton of other ideas for what to do with these versatile little plants! I’d love to see them or hear how you’re using them in your wedding. Shout it out in the comments.




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